Typography Cat illustration - Cat print - Time Spent with Cats is Never Wasted - Sigmund Freud 4 X 6 = X print on heavy weight

It's the simple things that bring such joy

It's the simple things that bring such joy. This will totally be happening at Chez Kresser.

Amsterdam cats Big Handpainted Mug ready to by houseofharriet Awesome mug for cat lovers

cute mug idea, use a sharpie to draw on a white mug then bake it.just one cat mug? That doesn't put me in cat-lady territory, right?


-Fill your day with laughter with this collection of 14 Grabby Gifs of Greedy Animals

shantihtown: 萬福食堂さんのツイート: “仕事から帰ってきたら叱られた後だった。... - HighlandValley

shantihtown: 萬福食堂さんのツイート: “仕事から帰ってきたら叱られた後だった。... - HighlandValley


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