some very tall mountains with trees on them
21 Unbelievable Photos That Are Not Photoshopped
The Southern Sky Columns located in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China
an iceberg floating in the ocean with blue water
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the sun is setting and there are many clouds in the sky that look like planes
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the face of a statue is shown in front of an old stone structure with many faces on it
Bayon, Angkor Wat, Cambodia
an aerial view of london at night with the shard tower in the foreground
Top 50 Cities To See In Your Lifetime
Hindu Temple by Stanley Zimny via Flickr India, Incredible India, Kolkata, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand, Goa, Sri Lanka, Hindu Temple
Colorful Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple by Stanley Zimny via Flickr
there is a very tall mountain with a bridge going up it's side and the words, pesiism never won any battle
Heaven's Gate, China
several elephants walking in the water near some green plants and grass on the shore line
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Amboseli National Park, Kenya
a boat floating in the ocean under a full moon
Discover the Greek Islands
Sunset at the Aegean sea ( by paraskevas)
the secret underground city of ellora cayes in india? i'm
September 2010 – Random Dispatches
The rock hewn temple on Mt. Kailasa Tibet ca. 8th C.