Urvashi (from Uru "Thigh" + Vaś "born") ,is an Apsara (Nymph) in Hindu legend. She was a celestial maiden in Indra's court and was considered the most beautiful of all the Apsaras. She became the wife of king Pururavas, an ancient chief of the lunar race. She is perennially youthful and infinitely charming but always elusive.

盤子女人坊藝術寫真攝影集團,2003 年由楊健先生創立,為內地最具影響與特色的攝影連鎖機構之一,將傳統韻味與現代時尚結合,表現出獨特的魅力。

Photo by Tony Zhou. Amazing color and texture.

【美しすぎる】京劇とボディ・ペインティングの融合「盤子女人坊 (盘子女人坊 もっと見る

Beautiful tattoo inspired art direction and photography by Tony Zhou.

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