Bedroom in a Loft [1240 × 1548]

Home Interior Design — Bedroom in a Loft [1240 × 1548]

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. in Portland, OR, by Michelle Madsen. An open space with industrial suspension lighting and several wood details.

植物/照明/ベッド/ソファ/レクリント/Bedroom…などのインテリア実例 -2015-07-04 11:42:17

スニーカー好きとしては、靴の収納って悩みます。 お気に入りのスニーカーが見えるようにずらっと並べたいけど、玄関 […]


Image 5 of 22 from gallery of Skechers TR Casual Showroom / Zemberek Design. Photograph by Safak Emrence

憧れキッチン♡選ぶならこの4タイプ!デザイン&コスパもチェック | RoomClipMag


憧れキッチン♡選ぶならこの4タイプ!デザイン&コスパもチェック | RoomClipMag

U Coppu,© Studio Didea and Dario De Benedictis

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Image 5 of 18 from gallery of U Coppu / Studio DiDeA + Dario De Benedictis. Photograph by Studio Didea and Dario De Benedictis

164 OKACHIMACHI: ゆくい堂株式会社が手掛けたです。


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Marquee lights serve dual purpose as lighting + a special message to guests at The Whale Wins restaurant in Seattle, WA.

魔法の〔黒板塗料〕でカフェ風の瓶ラベルやマグカップが作れる♡|MERY [メリー]

blackboard paint walls and use then as the menu saves money on reprinting when stock/prices change - this would also work for shoes, books, jewelry and more in retail shops!