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an advertisement for the fukoka zoo with animals and bears in it's graphics
an open book with a drawing of a cow on it's cover and the words contents written in small dots
Raise a glass to Masaomi Fujita's deliciously illustrated Introduction to Sake
someone is holding an open book in their hand and it has pictures on the pages
masako kubo +
I have accumulated published works since December, so I will try to catch up as far as I remember! This is a pamphlet I illustrated for all through the pages. Produced by Nagareyama City in Japan for prospective new citizens.流山市の魅力がたくさん詰まったパンフレット。
an open book with illustrations of people in business suits and holding magnifying glasses
Indeed パンフレット[Owned Media Recruiting] – SENA DOI
20170505 Design, Booklet Design, Layout, Magazine Design, Magazine Layout Design
嵯峨美術短期大学 2018年パンフレット – SENA DOI
an article in the japanese magazine, good idea and act girlfriew with pictures of people talking to each other
Popeye No. 813
『ガールフレンド』Popeye No. 813 | ポパイ (POPEYE) マガジンワールド
a brochure is displayed on top of a wooden table with two men in business attire
株式会社エバースホールディングス|採用案内パンフレット|Pamphlet Clips
an open book with some drawings on the pages and writing in chinese characters below it
これまで・現在・これからのグリーンズをぎゅーっとまとめました。People’s Books最新作『NPO greenz Annual Report 2017』全ページ公開!
これまで・現在・これからのグリーンズをぎゅーっとまとめました。People’s Books最新作『NPO greenz Annual Report 2017』全ページ公開! | | ほしい未来は、つくろう。
an advertisement featuring a stethoscope with a moustache on the side
スマートフォンサイトのデザインリンク集 sps collection
the instructions for how to tie a scarf in different languages, including english and japanese
暮らしのたね – ページ 133 – ママペイント 「家+暮らし」のなんやかんや【大阪発】
大阪発 ママのための「家+暮らし」なんやかんや ママペイント for Smartphone
a hand with five people drawn on it and one is wearing a hat, the other has two fingers
Lavez vos mains!
JULIE ♥ ADORE: Lavez vos mains!
a drawing of several potted plants on a white background with black and white ink
visualgraphc: Plants Feelings Zine