Japanese Lantern earrings - art jewelry by Nisa Smiley

"Physalis (Chinese Lantern Plant) fine silver (PMC), custom hand-blown hollow glass interior beads" by Nisa Smiley

Photo by OSAMU YAMAZAKI ( pinterest.com/... )( imagedive.co.jp/ ) 簪作家榮…

Exquisite floral hair ornaments handcrafted from resin by Sakae - Ego - AlterEgo

昨夜の出品で三部作全てが出揃いました。 御入札並びに御閲覧ありがとうございます!  わたしの作品で1番多くコメントやリクエストをいただくのが鬼灯なん...

The caption that came with this said it was jewelery. it looks like a beautiful lamp. and fact it gave me inspiration .

榮 - kanzashi sakae - 簪作家の画像

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