ArtStation - Ghost in the Shell Geisha, WETA

quarkmaster: “ Ghost in the Shell Geisha Robot Geisha - Artist: Nick Keller The Geisha design process was instrumental in helping to establish the level of technology in the world of GHOST IN THE.

김원중 koreanmodel: “Streetstyle: Kim Wonjung in shot by Park Jimin ”

100 Incredibly Cool Watches for Mens That Are Awesome

We got a look at Swiss watch maker Antoine Martin’s Tourbillon Astronomique watch at Baselworld this week, which can not only tell what time the Sun will rise and set at, but even has a few tricks that you won’t find at the app store.

Hair Mens - メンズのヘアスタイルも得意です。ナチュラルな中にもどこかエッジを効かせて、クリーンなヘア作りを意識しています☺︎とりあえず一度お任せください。オシャレにしますよ♪

Lamborghini Countach: It's dirty, not to shinny, and kind of boxy, but it makes my heart stop and my jaw drop. This is an epic amoung epics.

1: オメガ・モントリオール・オリンピック記念シーマスター・クロノ・クォーツ・デジアナ

1: オメガ・モントリオール・オリンピック記念シーマスター・クロノ・クォーツ・デジアナ

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