40 Pins
four different pictures of people on red paper with white and black lettering in the middle
企業メッセージを「夏のお便り」として届ける | ブレーン 2019年9月号
an orange background with two black and white signs that read maden, maden
LOST TYPE : Catchwords — Michael Spitz Design
the word alessi is written in black on a white background, and it appears to be made up of letters
a black and white toy with a chef hat on it's head is standing in front of a white background
Alessandro M ''Cook'' ALESSI
a woman standing in front of a store window
Michaela Vrátníková
FLAGSHIP STORES! Alessi Flagship Store by Asymptote Architecture, New York City » Retail Design Blog
a white tissue dispenser on a white surface
Luxury Tissue Boxes | Designer Tissue Box Holders
Birillo Round Tissue Box - White from Alessi
two stainless steel coffee pots sitting side by side
Architecture: News and Interviews on Domus Online Magazine - Domusweb
90002 La conica
a white ceramic sculpture with multicolored dots on it's face and ears
ALESSANDRO MENDINI (BORN 1931) A VASO VISO manufactured by Alessi, Italy, 2001 ceramic
Marie Douel - A4 Industrial, Upcycling, Cool Designs, Trends, Minimal Design, Design Inspiration, Art Design
Marie Douel - A4
a black and silver vase with a smiley face on it's head, sitting on top of a black base
ALESSI: Italian Design - Official Online Store - ALESSI
Anna Candle - candlestick, Alessandro Mendini, 1999 #alessi #design
an architectural drawing of a building with two domes and a clock tower in the background
alessi at neue sammlung munich
aldo rossi, espresso coffee maker 'la cupola' (sketch), 1985
a metal tea kettle with a blue handle and two red birds on it's side
Keynote Address from Michael Graves
The Whistling Bird teakettle for Alessi is one of Graves's most famous works of industrial design.
two plates with cucumbers and tomatoes on them next to a cutting board that has slices of zucchini
2010 NYIGF Faves: Alessi's new cutting board and oldie-but-goodie classic clocks - Core77
Alessi cutting board - 'Chop'
several different colored kitchen utensils sitting next to each other on a white surface
自分好みのハリネズミに。 ALESSI DOZI
many different colored watches with numbers on the face and one number in the second row
Kaj - Karim Rashid - Alessi
a black and white vase sitting on top of a table
Alessi - Stefano Giovannoni - "Mami" Oil Cruet
Alessi - Stefano Giovannoni - "Mami" Oil Cruet
three different types of pens are shown in black and white
Design | Daily Icon - Part 59
La Conica & La Cupola Aldo Rossi Pens from Alessi
the back and side view of an electronic device
interview with product designer stefano giovannoni
designboom interview with product design stefano giovannoni
a yellow rabbit figurine sitting on top of an open book with sticks sticking out of it
magic bunny, toothpick holder, design: stefano giovannoni for alessi
a bottle and two wine glasses on a table
Parrot Corkscrew Multi by Alessandro Mendini // really cool #productdesign
two oranges with different shapes and sizes next to each other on a white background
18 Creative and Cool Graters and Peelers (20) 19
a hand is squeezing orange juice into a glass
Juicy Salif Citrus Juicer by Philippe Starck for Alessi // absolute design classic, I'm lucky enough to own this wonderful sculptural + functional piece #productdesign #industrialdesign
an image of two objects in the air with one being blown off by another object
Pino Funnel by Stefano Giovannoni & Miriam Mirri for Alessi // long nose like Pinocchio... playful design #productdesign