origami stars tutorial

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Japanese Ceramics ; Makiko Suzuki - Cups

Japanese pottery art by Makiko Suzuki


DIY heart with paper

Tea ceremony

tea for tea — collectorandco: tea ceremony

Yokan - (jellied dessert made from red bean paste, agar & sugar) stylish japanese food

Japanese sweets, Yokan - made with sweet red bean paste and chestnut inside

Japanese sweets -matcha parfait in bamboo-

Matcha parfait in bamboo --- Tokichi Nakamura& cafe, Uji Kyoto, Japan --- This cafe is known as the best green tea cafe in Uji. This parfait had a rich matcha flavor and was very delicious!


Manual DIY style is simple and beautiful Maple Leaf Origami

Autumn wagashi, Japanese sweets

Autumn wagashi, Japanese sweets V



Uchiwa’ Lollipops: The Japanese have long established themselves as the experts of cute. When it comes to food, they can make it so awwdorable, that you will cry bitter tears blaming yourself for having eaten that sugary kitten.

Wagashi: beautiful and delicious

wagashi by janna

Wagashi. De toutes les formes et couleurs, les wagashi sont les confiseries les plus magnifiques que j'ai jamais vu!

4/6 新刊『新しいサラダ』発売・福田里香 on

Japanese traditions_ukiyoe and wagashi

木村宗慎:一日一叶—— 茶道有着诸多形式与约束,木村尝试符号化的试验,在体验传统茶道时开始一期一会的茶会。茶会的印象因茶室的氛围而变,其中叶子亦会由承载的器皿而左右茶室的表情。茶会的准备是“选择”的开始,选适宜的叶子,择相应的器皿,同为生命结缘相遇,一期一会而感知最美的一瞬 ——

木村宗慎:一日一叶—— 茶道有着诸多形式与约束,木村尝试符号化的试验,在体验传统茶道时开始一期一会的茶会。茶会的印象因茶室的氛围而变,其中叶子亦会由承载的器皿而左右茶室的表情。茶会的准备是“选择”的开始,选适宜的叶子,择相应的器皿,同为生命结缘相遇,一期一会而感知最美的一瞬 ——

We think these are sweets, very pretty sweets.

These Wagashi (Japanese sweet rice cakes) are too pretty to eat!