20 animal brothers from other mothers -- the pugtato is also great XDD

Guinea pigs and butternut squashes are basically the same thing -- omg

bluelightseven: “My guinea pig’s stunt double is this butternut squash.” Relevant to some of you.

Skulltula. sooo creepy

Nate Hallinan, Freelance Artist, Creates Incredible Creature Portraits // this spider totally reminds me of skull spiders from the legend of zelda.

テラシュール!ドクロのなる植物「キンギョソウ」 : カラパイア

The skull-shaped Snapdragon Flower Dragon(Antirrhinum majus) seed pod. The Antirrhinum, commonly known as the snapdragon has been a popular garden plant for many years. Also known as the dragon flower, its common name derives from the resemblance of the f



Boo The Dog Hiding With A Bunch Of Boo's. Can you find the real Boo The Dog in this photo.

This shit made me laugh harder than I probably should have.

Is this sign real? I think this would be more of a high cognitive effort for me. I understand that the dog is "mocking the sign", but what is the sign actually of? A dog, a rat, a kangaroo?


Funny pictures about Looks Like Tree is Dancing. Oh, and cool pics about Looks Like Tree is Dancing. Also, Looks Like Tree is Dancing photos.