Hoshi em hightlight, genteeee hightlight e maravilhoso então vai la ouvir

Highlight: Hoshi com o cabelo preto: morte das carats.

Vernon how can you be so perfect...I'm going to need to make a seventeen board

She found that she rather liked her new hair, all messy and shaggy, even if it was a bit short; at least, it certainly helped to obscure who she really was.

[Magazine Sub]151012 NYLON 11月号 SEVENTEEN|Omnivore17(SEVENTEEN)

『[Magazine Sub]151012 NYLON 11月号 SEVENTEEN』

svt looking like rebels who hang out at the park at midnight

セブチ 仲良しツーショット画像|EXO&セブチ、KPOPをやんわりと語る韓国大好きゆみんずのブログ

『セブチ 仲良しツーショット画像』

Minghao and Hoshi

SEVENTEEN | The8 | Minghao | Xu Minghao

Intense stare from Minghao

セブチ 私のツボ3(指・手・腕)|EXO&セブチ、KPOPをやんわりと語る韓国大好きゆみんずのブログ

『セブチ 私のツボ3(指・手・腕)』

セブチ 私のツボ3(指・手・腕)|EXO&セブチ、KPOPをやんわりと語る韓国大好きゆみんずのブログ