Kimono 着物

thekimonogallery: “ “Shoin”, a kimono created by artist Yuri Keiko. Jury Prize winner at the (Institute) Japan Dyers Association ”

japanese Indigo dye shibori cotton kimono textile

japanese Indigo dye shibori cotton kimono textile - hmmm maybe there are some cool fabrics at the kimono place to play with?

Japanese kimono - Love them the riot of light and movement.

Japanese kimono “Mugi-en” Kimono created and named by Love Sayo . Winner of NHK Kyotohosokyoku length Prize at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese textile artist Exhibition award.

shibori spirit | following the fabric: explorations and discoveries

The used of balance, has been used in such a way to make the kimono elegant without over doing it, making it to look complicated and cluttered.

"Crane kimono pattern in wave" three generations Tabata Kihachi

必見!豪華絢爛「KIMONO展 at 百段階段」

着物モンドリアン&着物puzzleピンク☆コーデ : 豆千代モダン 新宿店 Blog

着物モンドリアン&着物puzzleピンク☆コーデ : 豆千代モダン 新宿店 Blog