World’s first off-grid Ecocapsule home to hit the market this ...

World's first off-grid Ecocapsule home to hit the market this year, shipping in 2016

Gallery of Live off the Grid in Nice Architects’ Wind and Solar-Powered Ecocapsule - 11

Crédit photo : Ecocapsule

L’Ecocapsule : la haute technologie au service d’une mini-maison futuriste et 100% autonome !

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Uplink pod.

Uplink pod.

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A clutter free environment would improve work life balance and this garden office pod by Green Studios in Brighton offered the perfect solution.

Peaceful-Relaxation-In-a-92-Square-Foot-Pod-1.jpeg (630×475)

92 Square Foot Backyard Office - modern - garage and shed - austin - Sett Studio I've always wanted a little office like this apart from my house

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A self-contained, modular, mobile office / command centre suitable for any space with high ceilings. Vector Praxis BIM Construction Architecture Fabrication Design Commercial Fabricators Building Information Modeling Julian Bowron Vector Praxis

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The HUSH chair by Freyja Sewell can be converted into a private rest cocoon. It is made of wool felt. HUSH is currently just a concept, but Sewell is developing the chair for production. I want this. My hermatizing chair

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Introducing the Ultimate Off-Grid Survival Dwelling Pod: The Ecocapsule