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DIY - Kaffee Tablett - Who needs a cheese board when you could have a coffee board? Actually, I'll take both.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy latte art

Charlie Brown and Snoopy latte art! Cool, but don't drink it.you'd be drinking Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

スヌーピーカレー もっと見る

A delicious way to create some fun for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is easy to decorate your rice or mashed potato with ham, cheese, seedweed or egg in Snoopy face design with the die cut mold.


Heart Shaped Cherry/Grape Tomatoes for the veggie tray. {This would be cute with Grapes as well. Yes wrong color for valentines day but my kids don't like tomato's of any kind ~mrm}

描いて貼るだけ!「オブアート」でいつものお弁当やパンをもっとかわいく! - macaroni

描いて貼るだけ!「オブアート」でいつものお弁当やパンをもっとかわいく! - macaroni

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2012年10月 - こなこな研究室. Halloween Coffee

confectionerybliss: “ How To Draw Halloween Inspired Cappuccino {video/tutorial in Japanese} // Non ”