infografia Peces

I love this poster, but since its sold, I also love the eyes print that is used for this. Krets Film Festival poster by Sandra Juto

Publi con sabor by @Núria Escalona

Knorr introduced its fish cubes to enrich the taste in for example soup. These so called fish bouillon cubes are used in the amazing print advertisement created in The cube crafts the shape of a fish while it is dropped in the water.

Tela de pescado

"Mandalay" by Felix C. Gotto / 1935 furnishing fabric for Old Bleach Linen. Ireland Inspiration for Sketch a day 11 Topic : Fish

Acuaponia como estrategia del desarrollo sustentable

Acuaponia como estrategia del desarrollo sustentable


More realistic hair and maybe some scales before the tail turns to bones. Waves and some little sea creature skeletons. This could be awesome.