Wayag Islands, Papua, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Wayag Islands, Papua, Raja Ampat, Indonesia Indonesia: the best place to go scuba diving

The Long Road to New Zealand

Inspirational and amazing pictures of New Zealand taken by Trey Ratcliff specializing in HDR Photography, Landscape Photography and Travel Photography

The Ancient Great Wall in China

This is the part of the Great Wall of China I would like to see. The original wall, overgrown and crumbling in parts. The Photography of Trey Ratcliff

The Matterhorn over the Village

THE MATTERHORN OVER THE VILLAGE While taking the train up a nearby mountain in the town of Zermatt, there is one quick moment when you get this perfect view of the village and the Matterhorn together.

The Streets of Zermatt

The warm cabins, the cool sky, the wet streets, people hurrying to and fro to get warm food and drinks… I do my best to capture this feeling all in one image.

The Matterhorn

For most of my life, I’ve generally only known the Matterhorn for the ride in Disneyland! I mean, I always knew it was a real mountain… and I’ve seen photos of it and stuff… but seeing it there in the(Really Cool Photography)

Zermatt in the Evening

Switzerland - That blue dusk after a long day.a favorite time of the day.

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