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"Is the U.S. Government Complicit in the Killing of Over a Thousand Wild Horses? A bipartisan pair of lawmakers is urging Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to disclose whether as many as 1,700 federally protected wild horses now unaccounted for were sold to a middleman who illegally transported them to Mexico for slaughter."        God Bless Congressmen Raul Grijalva  Ed Whitfield for finally requesting an investigation into this heinous atrocity!

What you need to know about the government's wild horse program is that it's cruel, expensive and ineffective.

Mitsuoka's Orochi

Mitsuoka's Orochi

2 years old kid.  Horse from Nihon University.

2 years old kid. Horse from Nihon University.

Cat logic

That is pretty much exactly what kittens do all the time. You're all like "aww that's so cute and cats tongue's feel so weird!" then the kitten is all like *bite* and you're like "OUCH!


Horse quote: "What does riding horses give us? An escape from the world, exercise in the fresh air, adrenaline rushes, healing through the bond, goosebumps from perfect harmony.

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poster promoting fishing rods made in America