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Byte Magazine April, 1981

The April 1981 "Future Computers" cover of Byte magazine featured a smartwatch with a floppy drive and Qwerty keyboard. Yes, the April issue:

'The Tokyo of 2061' by Tenan Ito, 'Tanoshii Yonensei' (Happy 4th Year Student)…

Showa Era newspaper’s drawings of future Tokyo scarily accurate, hilariously off base


spacequest: “The Tokyo of by Tenan Ito, “Tanoshii Yonensei” (Happy Year Student), 1961 Is it the future yet? I want my elevated roads!

2061年の東京。 - キャノンボールのお気楽な日々。今日は・・・

2061年の東京。 - キャノンボールのお気楽な日々。今日は・・・

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Japanese retro futurism: Rocket warfare from a nuclear-powered Navy vessel, 1964 illustration