Jotaro Saito AW Kimono #japan #travel #fashion

Jotaro Saito AW Kimono // Can we talk about the amazing combination of Kimono and an almost-Norse looking cloak?

Contemporary Kimono Couture - The Jotaro Saito Fall/Winter 2013 Collection is Orient Infused (GALLERY)

Contemporary Kimono Couture

Jotaro Saito Designs I am just in love with this designer so badly. That hooded Haori is just pure fashion porn. This is like my traditional Japanese version of suit porn.

Men's Kimonos 4

Striking Samurai Photoshoots

I love this style: Casual Samurai Fashion - Isetan Shinjuku and Japanese Designers Create Hip Men's Kimonos (GALLERY)

JR-26 振袖 | ウエディングドレス|JULIET ROSA - ジュリエット ローザ / 銀座

JR-26 振袖 | ウエディングドレス|JULIET ROSA - ジュリエット ローザ / 銀座


【画像 3/5】伊勢丹×東京デザイナー今年は女の浴衣、ミナやファセッタズムとコラボ

Beautiful pink hakama set

This is a hakama. Hakama is a divided or pleated skirt worn over a Kimono. A Japanese girl student wore a hakama approximately 100 years ago. Today, the girl student puts hakama on only in graduation party.


【画像 2/5】伊勢丹×東京デザイナー今年は女の浴衣、ミナやファセッタズムとコラボ

Here’s a fashion x kimono crossover piece, one of the few ways to make a kimono look more like a dress.