Putting letters or numbers in order... Cheap and brilliant!

Putting letters, or words in abc order or numbers in order. Cheap and brilliant! Great for skip counting, fractions, putting different three-digit numbers in order., all great ways to practice grade CCSS

anchor charts for reading writing math and more

Fiction NonFiction Have this sign at the center and have kids sort books according to their attributes. (Cover spine labels at first and then reveal them to help connect fiction/nonfiction with Dewey!

Teaching My Friends!: My Reading Notebooks

Teach Your Child to Read - Thinking stems to put in readers notebooks - help kids begin writing their reading responses Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

The Sweetest Melody - another music educator blog to check out. This blog article is about Anchor Charts and Posters.

The Sweetest Melody: Anchor Charts and Posters - Questions We Should Ask When we Listen to Music

awesome alphabet tracing worksheets-- FREE!

Letter Tracing Worksheets For Kindergarten – Capital Letters – Alphabet Tracing – 26 Worksheets / FREE Printable Worksheets

CVC Worksheet

cvc worksheet Nice lessons ideas on teaching cvc words.

ひらがな知育プリント 【かくれた ことばを みつけよう】---took me a minute to figure out these were Japanese word finds. >.<

I think these may be japanese word searches. I am going to have to go back and translate some of this web page later :)

interactive notebook template for teaching Point of View.

week 4 Good idea for teaching point of view so that the students may write a creative story over the things they learn in their earth unit.

Daily 5 word work station. Repinned by Autism Classroom. http://www.pinterest.com/autismclassroom/

Daily 5 word work station- this setup could work for group or block supplies, too! Cute end of the year ideas too

I wonder if I could use both side of an open binder to show a larger number to have students review place value....hmmm. Perhaps draw a card with a written number in which the student must then show it in multiple ways using the pockets, numerical cards, unit block cards, and so forth....just a thought.

Rise and Shine Binder- interactive morning binder-use with the baseball card sorting pages and use two by two so that we can make a 6 digit number

This xylophone is made from several native trees of Japan, each tree name is written. 小さな森の合唱団 【音色も豊かな知育玩具。持ち運びも便利な小サイズ】 |オークヴィレッジオンラインショップ

This xylophone is made from several native trees of Japan, each tree name is written.

ひらがな知育プリント 【かくれた ことばを みつけよう】

ひらがな知育プリント 【かくれた ことばを みつけよう】

Great handout to teach body parts! 幼児教材・知育プリント | 幼児の学習素材館

Japanese body parts

犬やネズミやネコなど、世界各国の動物の鳴き声を比較 / ルーマニアで犬の鳴き声は「ハムハム」トルコは「ヘヴヘヴ」など

James Chapman - Worldwide Woofs: How to sound like a dog in 14 languages


Best and Worst Majors. This is a nice infographic, but it also points out that my actual major (Religious Studies) and what I currently do (Graphic Design) are at the bottom of the heap. career tips

5/18(日) 食育ワークショップ『もっとトリを知る。Tori Food Thinking Vol.01』 | COOK COOP BOOK

5/18(日) 食育ワークショップ『もっとトリを知る。Tori Food Thinking Vol.01』 | COOK COOP BOOK