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Gorilla Gorilla by Ronald Wittek
an owl with yellow eyes peers out from behind a tree stump
Owl: "You're making me mad!"
a black cat with green eyes sitting on top of a brown rug that says, whoah so that's coffee?
Becki's Bookshelf
Halloween Kitten sees a ghost! :O
a koala sitting in a tree with its eyes closed and mouth wide open smiling
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Smile if you're happy
inside out lesson plans on emotions classroom feelings chart from disney pixars to inside out
Inside Out Lesson Plans & Feeling Chart
Inside Out Lesson Plans & Classroom Feelings Chart! Activities and Ideas for Students!
a brown dog laying on top of a couch
If you think my head is big, you should see my heart.
an old black and white photo of a woman with a top hat sitting in a chair
History Tweets on Twitter: "A woman making a funny face, late 19th century."
a man in a suit with a hat on his head is posing for a photo
Red Skeleton (hope I spelled that right.)
a man in glasses standing next to an elm and sesame the muppets character
"Emotions" a video playlist from How great is this!
the silhouettes of people with different hair styles
Blank Faces Coloring Page 2.0 - Dabbles & Babbles
I am excited to see that there is a new set of these out. I cutout the first set, laminated them, taped a popsicle stick to them and then had children use a whiteboard marker to show how they were feeling that day. They also used them for puppet shows.