Tokyo 1964, Olympic Games - Galerie 123 - Original Vintage Posters

Tokyo Summer Olympic Games - the official poster for the games. I have this hanging in my apartment still to remind me how important my training is for

photo tokyo-1964-olympic-games_zpsa5085d63.jpg

XVIII Olympic Games - Tokyo 1964 - Swimming (Design by Yusaku Kamekura, Osamu Hayasaki and Jo Murakoshi)


sayoko yamaguchi, tokyopic-official: “ Kyobeni, A Traditional Japanese Rouge Made in Kyoto / Tokyo…

Ikko Tanaka | 田中一光

Ikko TANAKA, Nihon Buyo, 1981 © Ikko TANAKA Offset, 103 x cm Client: UCLA Asian Performing Arts Institute (University of California, Los Angeles) Poster for a Japanese traditional dance performance at UCLA

亀倉 雄策(1915年 - 1997年)kamekura yusaku

1964 Tokyo Olympics ( IOC, V Publishing / Abrams / July 2012 ) The Start of the Sprinters Dash. Official poster for the Tokyo Olympic Games, by Yusaku Kamekura (art director), Osamu Hayasaki (photographer) and Jo Murakoshi (photo direction).



▼ぼくらは「暮しの手帖」に「たたかえ」とはいわない : イルコモンズのふた。

▼ぼくらは「暮しの手帖」に「たたかえ」とはいわない : イルコモンズのふた。