english muffins 1

english muffins 1

Vanilla Cookies

I may be a kid at heart because I love vanilla cookies. They are great served up with milk, tea, or coffee. They can be most or chewy.

Pocket Pita Bread | Dave's Kitchen

Pocket pita bread is easy to make remarkably delicious. It can be used for a variety of applications such as shawarma, Italian, chicken, or beef pitas.

Hi fellow bakersI am writing to you as need a good advice. I am trying to make  hamburger buns for my cafe, but the buns I finnaly get are very strange. the surface is cracking. below I will introduce some of the pics I took from my failure. and a pic what I would like to receive. also the introduction how I made my buns. this is what I would like to bake. this is what i baked

how can i have a nice and smooth surface for my hamburger buns

cinnamon rolls

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls are absolutely delicious. They are a close cousin to honey buns. They are simple to make and incredibly tasty.

French Toast | Dave's Kitchen

French toast is a simple and delicious recipe. I enjoy it on the weekends served up with some bacon or ham. For best results, whole milk should be used as it.