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The Living Co. / Logo / branding / identity / brochure / packaging / menu / black and white / yellow / classy and clean


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Inspiration and ideas for packaging for your cafe, restaurant, bakery, deli or sandwich shop.

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"An attempt to re-brand Ghee Leong Bakery as an artisan bakery that appeals to the younger generation. Black and white is untilized as a distinguishing color scheme for charcoal-baked bread.


Italian Picnic Basket Invitation

alisonkatecarter: “Italian Picnic Basket Invitation We love this invitation created for the private dinner gathering of the finest chefs in Charelston, South Carolina. “We worked with Chef Lynch and.

Rice packaging makes rice cooking easier. Bag has a line that shows the required level of water for the amount of rice to be cooked.

Ingenious Rice Packaging

Ingenious Rice Packaging / The Rice Pack Makes Cooking Rice Extraordinarily Simple / Fill, wash, and drain in one place.

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From Farm to Table / Eco-Friendly Rice Package บรรจุภัณฑ์นิสัยดี お米のギフトパッケージ

Zara Home Baies D'Amour Scented Candle

Add style to your home with bedding, tablecloths, rungs, candles and home accessories on sale at Zara Home this winter.

Use with Green eARTh.   Or use of plant matter like this with the natural C items.

Another advanced flat lay. The green leaves make for a very special background for the product styling and the water drops add to the natural styling.