Chuckling Eggs: Have fun with boiled eggs leftover from Easter. Use black sesame seeds for eyes black olive slices for eyelids. Cut in mouths using a small paring knife. - these are so awesome!

40+ Creative Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids

souris en oeuf Quail Egg Mouse and Sausage Koinobori (Japanese Carp Streamer), Kyaraben Bento by kentomama

Egg Snowmen---- hard-boiled eggs, a carrot and some peppercorns. These snowmen are a very nice addition to your holiday appetizer platter. Oh and this will make eating eggs more fun for your kids as well ;

Kids Meal Idea: Tamagoyaki Egg Omelete Apple (Japanese Kanikama Surimi Fish Stick, Half Green Bean, Black Sesame Seed)-- we have a recipe for Japanese omelettes in the Sushi Chef Cookbook!

うずらたまごのひよこちゃん - 園児のお弁当

Happy Sun Bento byGMO (site not in english). I's say the sun rays are little carrot pieces, the suns eyes and mouth are cut out from a seaweed sheet, and the rosy cheeks would be little dabs of sweet chilly sauce (or maybe tomato sauce).