This 81-year-old style star gives an AWESOME makeover (photos by Sunny Shokrae)

Mature Fashion - Senior Style Stars

Joyce Carpati, opera singer and former Hearst ad sales manager. My style in three words: “Elegant, simple, and unusual.” 4 Feisty Senior Style Stars School Us

♡ファッション大好き!♡海外の超お洒落なおばあちゃんまとめ♡ - curet [キュレット] まとめ

Fashionable Older Ladies - NYC Fashion Week 2013 - love for fashion and expressing your personality

Jonathan Daniel Pryce

ロンドンから開幕! 最旬スナップで巡るメンズコレ2018SS。

Advanced Style

'Beatrix Ost is a writer and artist in her She believes that style starts with the food we eat. Beatrix says: "In your body is a good place to be." Photo by Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style I will be her one day.

Julie Arkell / an image of staying true to yourself while ageing.

Julie Arkell - I love her sense of style. Style should not be determined by age.

美の伝道者 カルメン・デロリフィチェ 2014-07 1

美の伝道者 カルメン・デロリフィチェ 2014-07 1


I def need one of these ! Mary Moriarty by Ari Seth Cohen for Advanced Style

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The voluminous look and impression of color fit on her. All-Star sneakers are also very pleasing to watch.