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Graphisme au Japon : les petits sachets - Blog voyage et photo

Undoing Design is the theme of UW-Stout's spring graphic design senior exhibition focusing on extracting creative opportunities from everyday interactions.

広告電通賞 三菱電機株式会社 スマートエアコーティング 新聞紙なのに、この撥水性。驚きの防汚コーティングです。

広告電通賞 三菱電機株式会社 スマートエアコーティング 新聞紙なのに、この撥水性。驚きの防汚コーティングです。

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Cartaz MCB - 29º Prêmio Design - Gustavo Kone

It’s kind of inexplicable but it combines a fun, randomness in the layout with a bit of the strictness of the bauhaus and a clever integration of the photo and the graphic elements.


Mention Jamaican music to someone who isn’t a fan and you can bet that a fairly predictable image pops into the head of your listener.

Разрыв паттерна

Ogilvy Dave Towers-- Good use of repetition both visually and in copy. mainly in copying !