Character-creation questions that actually MATTER (instead of trivia such as, "What's their favorite color?" or, "What was their high school mascot?") Writing prompt writing tip

Why You Should Never Trust Spell Check

This infographic gives brief summaries of the 12 Jungian personality archetypes, for use when building charcaters. As with any writing tools, archetypes are really most useful if you think of them as a starying block - you cannot simply reduce people to 1

Character Archetypes: Enriching your Novel's Cast

Jung's 12 character archetypes - learn more about writing great characters. {These are very interesting to look at, compare, and of course try to mix up!

Develops character definition essay Character development essays provide detailed descriptions and predictions about characters from fictional works. The purpose of an essay of this kind is to encourage.

Other things to say instead of “said”

Language change example essays The English language has. Growth and Change in the English Language. English Language Essay Writing Service Essays More English Language Essays Examples of.

How do you fuck up the first sentence? Eleven Requirements For The First Pages of Your Bestseller by Katharine Grubb, 10 Minute Novelist

10 Things Every Writers Needs To Know About Conflict

Conflict – the foundation of every novel bled onto the page. Without it, your book flatlines harder than the grim reaper. No self-respecting book doctor will even attempt to resuscitate it. A… (Get Him Back Writing Prompts)

Character design description. Characteristics. Flaws. Physical flaws.

Character design description. Characteristics. Flaws. Physical flaws.

8 Simple Steps To Become A Great Writer

8 Simple Steps To Become A Great Writer: Write 50 words. That’s a paragraph. Write 300 pages. That’s a manuscript. Write every day. That’s a habit. Edit and rewrite. Th(Step Quotes Funny)