Book of Shadows page - Triple Moon Symbol  Goddess Chant

Leo (Zodiac) Parchment Page for Book of Shadows Page, Altar

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Beautiful sun and the moon art. Sun is the male and moon is the femald. Warm toned colors for the sun. Cool toned colors for the moon.

The Magick of Candles

The Magick of Candles

Wiccan, Elemental Alchemical Symbols (May or may not technically be historical; Wicca is a newer religion based on older beliefs, but it goes in this board.

Goddess Tattoo  Temporary Tattoo  Moon Tattoo  by OctaviaTattoo

Goddess Tattoo - Temporary Tattoo - Moon Tattoo - Goddess Pattern Tattoo - Geometric Tattoo by OctaviaTattoo on Etsy

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Wiccan tattoo- i actually used the cat in this picture as inspiration for a tattoo I got on my arm for halloween!

Wraps a bit,  lil witches cauldron for Louisa-  thank you!

Wraps a bit, lil witches cauldron for Louisa- thank you! Halloween costumes Halloween decorations Halloween food Halloween ideas Halloween costumes couples Halloween from brit + co Halloween

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Moon Goddess Dreamcatcher Tattoo I would like to get this on my arm I just really like this, it's just pretty!

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wicca-vuno-blessed-be: “ Moon Glyphs are magick symbols used for connecting with nature and Esbat magick. They are used by drawing the symbols in black ink on your skin.

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A special gift for my dear friend Twiddy. It took me 2 days to finish this work…