Vintage embroidered handkerchiefs sewn together to make a curtain. This is the perfect way to use scraps of salvaged linens you've collected.

Kate's Wonderfully Small Amsterdam Home

Vintage embroidered linens sewn together to make a curtain. Pieces of ribbon sewn at the top to attach it to the rod. NOTE TO SELF: If using vintage linens .the sunlight would fade the beautiful embroidery, maybe line the curtain?

Mixing Bowl & Gadgets pattern

gives color chart of this and other patterns, awesome site to use---Mixing Bowl & Gadgets pattern

Vintage lifestyle: Let's fall in love with this vintage fashion ideas that will make you feel like you're in the 80's.

Vintage Home Design Ideas to Steal From Your Grandma’s Decor

Behind the scenes with Tessa Perlow and her embroidery. How she takes secondhand clothes and turns them into artworks.