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Another Steampunk set...Please? PETITION [Pics Galore!] 34 Sigs & Counting!

Emilie de Briand of the Théâtre Musée des Capucines, wearing an extravagant hat that leaves her eyes in an unsettling shadow.

Emilie de Briand" - hand tinted postcard in the collectable French series "Les Reines De La Mode" showing actresses from theatre groups in the fashions of the day. She was probably an actress at theThéâtre Musée des Capucines

Ladies Hat - Ladies' French Derby-style Hat - Victorian Hat

Century French Victorian Hat of the Old West.back in those days where fashion statements were made by women wearing designer hats!

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1850's victorian bonnet - Google Search

{Lined bonnet} I made a 'replica' of this, using fancy braid over buckram because the plaited and grouped straw simply wasn't available and I didn't have time to make it (even had I been able)!

6 types of hats from yesteryear that you should wear today

6 types of hats from yesteryear that you should wear today

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