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This picture was taken in Gainesvillle, Florida at the University of Florida. It is the front of the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium - Home of the Florida Gators.

University of Florida, Gainesville

The Century Tower is a carillon tower in the center of the University of Florida campus in Gainesville, Florida. It is one of only four carillons in the state of Florida.

Find out about resources your tuition covers that you might not be taking advantage of.

Things UF Students Pay for and Do Not Use

Known Majors: accounting,chiropractor,aerospace How and where to apply: Freshman Applicants: Applicants must complete the entire application online, including the essay and resume sections. No submission of paper material is permitted.

9 Dorm Decorating Tips for your University of Florida Dorm: The dorms can be…

☼☾ 9 Dorm Decorating Tips for your University of Florida Dorm: The dorms can be pretty stark. Choose a bright bedding pattern, rug or colorful pillows to add a pop of color to the white dorm room walls.

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Tips for sorority recruitment at the University of Florida

Sorority recruitment: the best and worst week of your life. Here's my experience from UF and my tips and tricks to make it a breeze.

Continuation in reasons for University of Florida as my top school: Average GPA and SAT/ACT scores: 3.54 - 3.99 • Tuition Fee per class: $135 • Total Tuition cost for one semester of a full-time student: $15,322 • What programs/majors is that institution known for: Medicine  • Average class size: 32 • Sports programs offered: Football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball etc. • Extracurricular programs offered: Greek affairs, community service, student government.

FSU, Westcott Building and fountain. This 'college' board would not be complete without a picture of my Alma Mater THE Florida State University.

University of Florida Tin Sign---Gainesville, Fl.. some of the best years of my life! The college years! ; )

University of Florida

Football Complex University of Florida @dormsforgators

Football Complex University of Florida - My view every day while going to the Journalism college on campus.