Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the USA.  He was in office January 20, 1977-January 20, 1981

(born October is an American politician who served as the President of the United States and was awarded the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U. President to have received the Prize after leaving office.

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Sexy U.S. Presidents: Would You Hit It Or Quit It?

James Earl ("Jimmy") Carter President of the United States) Branch: United States Navy - Job: Submarine officer - Rank: Lieutenant - Unit: U.

Ronald Reagan no. 40 great President & patriot                                                                                                                                                      More

Five Interesting Facts About Ronald Reagan That You Probably Didn't Know

Ronald Wilson Reagan (February 1911 – June was an American actor and politician. He was the President of the United States and served as the Governor of California prior to his presidency.

Most historians believe James Buchanan was gay. | 21  Buchanan, a bachelor, was rumored to have a very close relationship with William Rufus King, a senator from Alabama. Shocking Facts About U.S. Presidents

21 Shocking Facts About U.S. Presidents

August 1858 A telegraphed message from Britain's Queen Victoria to President James Buchanan was transmitted over the recently laid trans-Atlantic cable.

truman McCarran–Walter Act (1952)  - This act retained the quota system from the Immigration Act of 1924 and gave preference to certain countries, like Great Britain, Germany and Ireland, while reducing the number of immigrants from colonies in the New World.  - It allowed for deportation of immigrants involved in subversive activities.  - It banned racial and ethnic discrimination over who can naturalize, allowing Asians to naturalize.

23 Defining Moments in Immigration Policy History

President Harry Truman, Klansman in the Whitehouse other known Presidents: Woodrow Wilson, McKinley & Calvin Coolidge

Queen Elizabeth II and U.S. President Ronald Reagan at Buckingham Palace June 14, 1989 after he received an honorary knighthood from Her Majesty. He was the first President in 35 years to be knighted by the Queen. Side note is that only Republican Presidents have received this honour.

queen elizabeth II & u. president ronald reagan at buckingham palace June 1989 after he received an honorary knighthood from her majesty. he was president in 35 yrs to be knighted by the queen. only republican presidents have received this honour.

Dire Warnings From Past U.S. Presidents and Other High-Profile Leaders About an “Invisible Government” That Runs the U.S. With “No Allegiance To the People”

Ex US Presidents and High Officials Warn About the 'Invisible Government' Running the USA

The President with the last four living presidents

Fifteen Differences Between Democrats And Republicans

President George W. Bush meets with former Presidents George H. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and President-elect Barack Obama Wednesday, Jan. 2009 in the Oval Office of the White House. White House photo by Eric Draper

Ulysses S. Grant - 18th U.S. President

Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant Portrait Silver Halide Photo Print for Like the Civil War General Ulysses S.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), U.S. President (1933-1945), ca. 1942

Franklin D. Roosevelt 1882-1945, U.s Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

Picture of Roosevelt, Roosevelt was a democratic President during the great depression. Roosevelt made the "new deal" that gave citizens financial security and rebuilt the U.

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15 Reasons Why Barack Obama Is the Most Stylish President in Recent History

Not since JFK have we seen a man work his presidential wardrobe so artfully.