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Image Source: Radiohead website The fabulous campaign for the Grammy Awards features these portraits made from type.


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These typography celebrity heads are the work of Sean Williams designer and photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. With a focus in typographic portrait designs, he brings a unique and personal style drawn from his creative experience as an art director and photographer. In his artworks he plays with quotes of the songs and …

Typography Celebreties

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jiliallen:  New word art x ‘patience’ x  nice! i love the meditation on “patience” ….i could use to follow this example :)

It hurts….Love No floating hearts No turtle doves Who said love is good Was fooled. She’s been smashed Into pieces Hurt has ruled Promises broken Endearments once spoken I…

Calligraphy Portraits :Vlada Shamova

Calligraphy Portraits :Vlada Shamova The way that the words blend in to make it also her hair while having words around it having two meanings to the picture is incredible.

Portrait 2

kerli_typographic_portrait__color__by_Brad-Phillips More than Words 30 Typographic portraits

Anyone interested in typography will be in complete awe of these realistic portraits by artist Sean Williams. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, the designer, photographer, and art director certainly has a great eye for conceptual designs.

Amazing Typography Portraits Created with Song Lyrics

Sean Williams created these beautiful typography portraits of different famous singers using the lyrics of songs.Sean Williams is a designe.

Typography Portraits by Sean Williams

Pop Star Portraits Made From Their Famous Lyrics Typography nerds, you have designer Sean Williams to thank.