40 Stylish And Natural Taper Haircut

2018 Braided Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women. Looking for some new ways to braid your mane? 2018 revamps tired old tresses with traditional African influences to modern braiding techniques.

35 Beautiful Kinky Twists Styles

Senegalese, Havana, or Marley twist? If you're looking for new Kinky Twist style, Check out our list of Kinky Twists styles ideas!

@jai.marii Removed my twist. Today was wash day. All I accomplished was a light detangle & giving myself a hot oil treatment...that has currently been on my head for 50 billion hrs now. Wash day = wash days.Video is up on my channel ab these Senegalese twist. Click the link

75 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles To Wear

Long twist braids hairstyle with hair clips for decoration. The choker necklace adds a nice touch. Lip gloss poppin' too :-) Mais

Wondering what braided hair style to make this season? Here are top 40 protective styles to choose from, plus a plethora of Ombrelicious color ideas!

How To Do Havana Twists - VIDEO Tutorial

You want to know how to do Havana Twists? When you look in any popular black hair magazine that shows the best protective braid hairstyles you'll likely see Havana style twists.