Here's what it's like to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in Uji, Japan. A visit to Nakamura Tokichi Honten, a 160-year-old Japanese green tea company just outside of Kyoto, Japan that offers tourists the opportunity to participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

A Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony in Uji, Japan

A traditional Japanese breakfast is a complete meal with rice, soup, vegetables, protein such as fish, and other side dishes to create a meal equivalent to lunch or dinner.

How to Prepare a Traditional Japanese Breakfast

from Chidori

One in a series of illustrated guides, focusing on design and the multifaceted landscape of Japanese living today, by the art publisher Taschen.

This garden complex, constructed for a private residence in San Rafael, CA, includes a traditional Japanese tea house, an entrance gate, a sheltered bench, and a wooden bridge.

Go to our website to see Japanese garden structures that beautifully enhance a garden such as viewing pavilions, entrance gates, wooden bridges, pergolas.

traditional japanese colors in japan kimono colors

Guide to Japanese colors. -- Japan, colors as a social status, kimono color according to the month, traditional color names, Japanese lesson

Japanese architecture, black matte traditional floor in traditional style house

Love the deep grain on this floor. Japanese corridor, tottalt the cusacappe house( my neighbour Totoro).

Traditional Japanese house interior. It's so open and in harmony with the nature.

love architecture and japan or are you just curious what a traditional japanese home is like versus just the manga? Check out these featured areas of a japanese home to see what real and what's not.

Japanese Tatami living corner with storage under the Tatami (Sunken storage)

The grass tatami mats help to control moisture levels in the dining area and hide inbuilt sunken storage boxes beneath. Image by Angela Keoghan

Very traditional, love that it is 1) low in ground 2)sliding rice paper door to the outside....3) bamboo style faucet

spas: Credor is a hotspot for hotsprings and natural spas. The water is said to provide beauty and youthfulnes to anyone that bathes in its springs.

Japanese Kagura theater   Kabuki - traditional Japanese opera, more similar to the Chinese then Europen opera

Japanese Kagura theater Kabuki - traditional Japanese opera, more similar to the Chinese then Europen opera

The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi #infographic ~ Visualistan

The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi #infographic

The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi ~ Visualistan Read More by alifana

50 Spiritual Traditional Japanese Style Tattoo - Meanings and Designs Check more at

40 Tattoo Sleeve Designs and Ideas

From elbow to wrist, discover cool ideas inked on the forearm. These top 75 best forearm tattoos for men feature manly small designs to inner sleeves.

Kasugai kompeito (also written konpeito) candy, a kind of hard candy that looks like stars, exploding out in all directions. Each package is 6" x 8" (15 x 21 cm). As seen in the Ghibli film Spirited Away, by Hayao Miyazaki (this is what Kamaji feeds to the little soot sprites, called Susuwatari). Since this candy has been loved in Japan for more than 400 years, it's also good for fans of traditional Japanese "dagashi" treats.

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Traditional Japanese House Design with Stunning Forest

The pavilion, containing the largest rooms, stands open during the summer months. The dining room features a recessed floor beneath a table designed by the Longstreths and often used for traditional shabu-shabu, cooked in a Chinese copper ”hot pot.