Pokemon, Tim Burton style. Actually the cutest thing ever.

Artist/illustrator/designer “Hat Boy” is very influenced by Tim Burton. Hat Boy’s Pokemon characters look like they’re straight out of Burton’s “The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories“! [Via Gay Geek]

Drawing of Tim Burton's character Emily from The corpse bride.

Drawing of Tim Burton's character Emily, from ''The Corpse Bride''. Even though this is a cartoon, I can still see the certain style Tim Burton has for his characters.

Tim Burton Human Shape by randomdrawerchic

I was having trouble with how to make the anatomy of Tim Burton character and i couldnt find any tutorials on how to make a drawing in his style.

Tim Burton Characters

Tim Burton has created the ideas for some amazing movies (Top: Nightmare Before Christmas Left: Coraline Middle: Corpse Bride Right: Paranorman)

Coraline is both stunning on its animation and story line. Thanks to Henry selick and Neil gaiman!!

Coraline (2009)

This image, from the movie 'Coraline', is in my collection because I believe that it the picture itself shows disorder in the way that the artist tries to portray distance, and I like the fact that the animation looks like ripped paper.