Take the "rule of thirds" up a notch by incorporating the Fibonacci Series into your composition techniques by using Lightroom's Golden Ratio Overlay.

Divine Composition With Fibonacci's Ratio (The Rule of Thirds on Steroids)

Subdivisions of the square according to the golden mean

Subdivisions of the square according to the golden mean Le Corbusier, The modulor (transl. de Francia and Bostock), London: Faber and Faber,

The ancient Greeks said that the Golden Section was a rule of proportion that linked mathematics with beauty. Much of their architecture was designed according to this rule. I also included the Fibonacci Sequence, which directly relates to the Golden Mean.  The Golden Section Mathematics Fibonacci by GeographicsArt on Etsy, $19.50

The Golden Section 11 x 14 Art Print, Mathematics, Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Mean, Proportions, Architecture, Design, Industrial Design

Photography Composition - Learn digital photography composition and start taking better pictures

Digital photography composition tips for taking better pictures. How to use the golden mean and rule of thirds to help you take better pictures.

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Hokusai Meets Fibonacci, Golden Ratio by Ars Brevis..... movement project 9-12 full yr

"Hokusai Meets Fibonacci Golden Ratio" by Ars Brevis

"Hokusai Meets Fibonacci Golden Ratio" by Ars Brevis This is an example of the golden ratio. The wave creates the curved effect which is pleasing to the eye. It has a rhythm to it, like you are counting up to the curve of the wave.

We really like uneven proportions, when we dress in a 1:1 ratio (halves) we find it looks blocky, boxy and unflattering. Using a 1:2 ratio where we have a longer proportion and a shorter proportion (1/3 or 2/3) will elongate your body and provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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