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Unique take on the yearbook individual photos. Company shot them on a green screen then placed a photo booth curtain behind them making the boring rows into photo strips.

Teaching Yearbook Class: Use Google Docs to keep centralized and easily accesible lists of spread assignments, page numbers, ideas, and due dates.

I taught the yearbook class this semester. Our theme was "A Lion's Tale" after our school mascot.

30  Beautiful Yearbook Layout Ideas, http://hative.com/beautiful-yearbook-layout-ideas/,

30+ Beautiful Yearbook Layout Ideas

Are you looking for yearbook layout ideas & inspiration? Knowing where to start with your school yearbook is often the hardest part of the whole process. In this page we’ve put together the most creative yearbook ideas covering a range of styles.

Yearbook staff goals poster - a great way to start out the year and encourage yearbook students to take responsibility for their yearbook!

Yearbook Staff Goals Poster

This is a poster of goals my yearbook students brainstormed for the year: Use our time wisely Report facts accurately Develop design skills Become better writers Better the book This poster is a tabloid sized PDF file.

Yearbook Sections Pages Grading Evaluation Rubrics BUNDLE

Yearbook Spreads & Pages Rubrics, Checklists for Grading, Evaluation, & Feedback