Jenna McDougall (Tonight Alive) Lynn Gunn (PVRIS) Tay Jardine (We Are The In Crowd)

By Sophia Simon-Bashall I might have mentioned it before, but rock music has a really big problem. Sexism is the problem. Let’s be honest, most aspects of our culture are sexist. The film industry .

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I'm baking Brownies with Nash and Skylynn the Princess rainbow fairy - Taylah


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Tay Jardine, Jenna McDougall, Lacey Mosley, Hayley Williams, Amy Lee. Female artists sometimes get overlooked. These 5 are heroes too.

fangirlandfeminist: “Amy Lee, Hayley Williams, Lacey Mosley, Jenna McDougall, and Tay Jardine – Not all heroes are men.

Tay Jardine (We are the in crowd) & Jenna Mcdougall (Tonight alive).

Tay Jardine (we are the in crowd) & Jenna Mcdougall (tonight alive)


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