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I chose this white swan because there was a lake at the campus with a swan. The swan was known for biting people.

Swan this I also would like to do in origami foldind techniques because I think there are many ways how to do it. Some of them are easy and basic and another are harder and nicer when it is finished.

White Swan Reflection in a Black Lake: White Swan looking at its own Reflection, the lake is black like a night. White Swan looks like a angle in the dark.

The world's most pure animal: the White Swan

Picture of Graceful Swan On A Lake In Black And White. Stock Photo by Basmeelker from the collection iStock. Get affordable Stock Photos at Thinkstock.

Walter Crane Swans

Swan, Rush and Iris dado wallpaper by Walter Crane from Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK. Crane achieved international popularity designing Art Nouveau textiles and wallpapers but is chiefly known for his illustrations of children's books.

Pascal Silvain Arabatzis - Wild Swans https://www.flickr.com/photos/pascalarabatzis/10227852983

rhubarbes:Wild Swans by Pascal Silvain Arabatzis. More Animals here. ~sandra de~My Romantic Heart~

Simple and beautiful · Beautiful Photo!

composition: simplicity: i love how simple all of this is because it really makes the swan stand out

Mute swans forming a heart shape with their necks during courtship...

Valentine's Day: hearts in Nature

Mama swan and her babies catching a ride

Mama swan and her babies catching a ride

Swan Princess Pink

This beautiful swan princess wall decal will add that WOW factor to your little girl's room or nursery! This extra large decal is available in 2 sizes or

current status: swanning around. #missadventure

this season, our lovable lacey--a continental-style zip-around wallet with 12 card slots, two billfolds and an interior zippered pocket--is decorated with a pair of elegant applique swans.