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Ivy from 90210 has a super boho surfer style. I think this an outfit from the show but not sure..

Gillian Zinser

Gillian Zinser/Ivy Sullivan from 90210 I love this character and her style !

Surfer Girl Beauty Looks - chunky highlights

How to Master Surfer-Girl Beauty

Beachy waves, sexy bronzed skin, killer abs--the surfer-girl look is long on sex appeal. And even though we can't all live in Waikiki, we're masters at faking it.

Summer boards                                                       …

What Type Of Girl Are You?

Street style fashion, skater girl bracelets, girly tomboy, skateboarding, longboarding girl This is just a stunning photo love love love

Project Nursery - Surfer Girl Nursery Style by Design

Surfer Girl Nursery

This surfer girl nursery reminds us of surfing in the caribbean waters, snorkeling coral reefs, and fishing underneath the pier!