Summer Camp Packing Tips and a Printable Packing List

If your kid is heading to overnight camp, don’t forget to pack these so they have an extra-fun (and bug bite-free) experience!

10 Overnight Camping Essentials

Is your kid heading off to camp and you're not sure what to pack? Here are the essentials for overnight summer camp.

Raise a flashlight if you’ve been to summer camp. Raise something alcoholic if you’ve ever packed your child for one. This summer, I packed both my boys for a one-week, “away from home” sports camp. Talk about an educational experience. I’ve been a camper, a counselor and now a parent to a camper. With that …

HDYDI: Pack for Summer Camp

Is your son or daughter headed to summer camp? Raise a flashlight! This has packing tips for your teenager or elementary-aged child. These easy ideas are sure to keep your family sanity intact and your child ready for an awesome summer!

Summer Camp Packing List and Tips...  packing your kids for those summer trips

Summer Camp Packing List and Tips. packing your kids for those summer trips. Get rid of bible and earnings and I know what Jadyn, Rachel, Rachel's friend Octavia, and I will be packing for Camp.

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Summer Camp Packing List

Use the free printable Summer Camp Packing List to make sure your kids pack everything they need for camp!

The lowdown on what to pack for the college-age camp counselor.

Chacos and Kavu Bags: Camp Counselor Packing Tips

Getting Ready for Summer Camp & Camp Packing List PRINTABLE - Sports Mom Survival Guide

Getting Ready for Summer Camp & Camp Packing List PRINTABLE

Find some great tips for getting your child ready for summer camp, complete with FREE camp packing list printable!

summer camp trunk decorating ideas

DIY Camp Trunk Organizer - How to customize and organize an epic summer camp trunk! Summer camp trunk and footlocker decorating ideas.

Girls Camp Packing List

What to Pack for Summer Girls Camp

Are your girls heading off to Summer Girls Camp? Well I have great tips for you on what to pack and how to easily label everything! *ICCAMPMABEL *IC *ad >>> To view further for this article, visit the image link.