Line work, Steampunk & feather - seriously, what's not to love here?  Awesome tat material.

Zentangle and Steampunk and Feathers and Drawing! So many great things! Arrow's drawinf for tattoo idea

Steampunk Gear Collection Machine Gear, Wheel Cogwheel Vector ...

Illustration of Steampunk gear collection machine gear, wheel cogwheel vector,. vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

steampunk_clockwork_raven_wip_by_ephygenia-d66r63u.jpg 800×1239 pixels

My clockwork raven before the postproduction with photoshop ^__^ here [link] you can find the digital postproduction technique: ink and pencil on paper Steampunk Clockwork Raven WIP

steampunktendencies:  Clockwork eye ~ Patrick Connors Facebook |  Google + | Twitter Steampunk Tendencies Official Group

Clockwork eye ~ Patrick Connors "I have decided to model Malachi's eye after this one. The details will change, of course, but this will be the final outcome of his cybernetic eye.