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Static Electricity PowerPoint Lesson and Guided Notes

Static Electricity PowerPoint and Guided Notes This interactive lesson is a great way to teach your students about static electricity. The lessons includes a variety of pictures, examples, interactive website links, and video links. The lesson includes

ELECTRICITY exploring static electricity using a "Discovery" bottle & books…

Static Electricity with Salt and Pepper Activity – Grade Static Electricity

Jumping Goop! An Awesome Static Electricity Demonstration with Cornstarch

Static Flyer -- Charge a balloon and use the electrical charges of static electricity to create flying objects!

Charge an inflated balloon with static electricity. Place an empty soda can on a flat surface. Now bring the balloon near the can and watch the can automatically roll towards the balloon.

You will need * An empty soda can * blown-up balloon * A head of hair What to do Place the can on its side on a flat smooth surface like a table or a smooth floor. Rub the blown up balloon back and forth through your hair really fast.

Static Electricity Science Experiment

Want a super-easy science demonstration for static electricity? This static electricity for kids experiment is easy and fun for kids of all ages.

Static electricity experiments -- make a popsicle stick spin, water bend & balloon stick to the wall Bear Elective Adventure: Super Science 3

Make your own stalactities and stalacmites using only a balloon, Jello, and statis electricity! Plus, Jello Chemistry experiments! The Scientific Mom: Kitchen Chemistry: When Jello and Science Collide!

Electrical Charges Mini-Unit

Charge Objects in grade physical science. A 4 page interactive notebook addition to a unit on electrical charges. Includes vocab, like/unlike charges, static electricity, and a summary page.

Discover the phenomena of static electricity in this TED-Ed video - The science of static electricity, Anuradha Bhagwat