150+ Most Original Octopus Tattoo Designs And Meanings awesome

150+ Original Octopus Tattoos And Meanings [2017 Collection]

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Giant Squid 9 x 12 (printed on handmade Japanese kozo paper) by Graham Blair

Colorful Squid Tattoo on Ankle by Martyna Popiel

40+ Fascinating Squid and Octopus Tattoo Designs

Sperm Whale & Giant Squid

"The Squid vs. The Whale", is a really cool new Threadless T-Shirt design by Brandon Ancone depicting the age old battle between the giant squid and sperm

Octopus Tentacle. Maybe turn it "upside down" and put it down my leg?

Another concept design for a longboard graphic I am working on. Local folks have really started to like them. Just thought I would post the pen art for it.

The Seven Seas - Squid Tattoo | Urban Threads: Unique and Awesome Embroidery Designs

Items similar to Classic tattoo style - "Squid" embroidered feeding bib.