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Springfield XD Semi-Automatic, Barrel, Rounds - Semi-Automatic at Sportsman's Guide

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New Springfield XD-S Mid-Mag Magazine

New Springfield XD-S Mid-Mag Magazine. A small magazine for carrying and a full size spare for when you can carry a bigger gun, or carry it as a spare mag in case a reload is needed

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“ian-ingram: “Nice gun storage solution ” The foam gods are pleased ” Biri hediye edebilir mi bana bunu?

EXCLUSIVE: Springfield Armory’s Bigger Hammer — The XD-E .45 ACP CCW Pistol | By Michael O. Humphries | The new Springfield Armory XD-E in .45 ACP gives fans of the DA/SA trigger system a pistol that packs a very big punch in a small package. | © American Handgunner 2017

By Michael Humphries [caption align=aligncenter The new XD-E in ACP gives fans of the DA/SA trigger system a pistol