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Yes... I sure do love spoiling myself. You can't say you're independent while depending on another's payday to come haha

IMAGINE this Being your own boss and working a successful business from home or on the go around your current commitments Working part time hours for a full time salary Working towards a six figure salary without a job interview corporate lifestyle or str

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Daddy spoils me because he loves me :) I'm the luckiest little girl in the world!

#Quotes Watch life coaching videos CLICK LINK---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXSmKkugHkg&list=PLyaV4oUAJIga8XWjzv6SmJYDEVRmRvyiY&index=2 - Dawn Ali #lifecoaching #dawnali - Most men aren't smart enough to realize that the higher you elevate your woman, the less available she is for other men.

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I like this and I like the below as well. If he is truly elevating you he would have all these things in mind for her as well. WOW now there is a big chunk of truth! However I think we ALL just want to be loved, respected, adored and cuddled :-)

I'm not spoiled...Just Well Loved #Love #Quote

I'm Not Spoiled...Just Well Loved

Exactly how I feel! My husband just loves me so much, that to others it LOOKS like I'm spoiled! Did I mention, that I am very blessed to have an exceptionally wonderful husband in my life? Well, I am & I thank The Lord every day!

☁️ Spoiled Princess ☁️

This quote describes my personality because I am very spoiled. If I see or know I want something, it's already mine before I even say a word because I don't take no for an answer.

Our son was spoiled yes with material things but more importantly than that with love and attention. Bedtime stories every night no matter how big he got, kisses, hugs, foot rubs with baby lotion after a long shower, constant outings all revolved around him, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, a boost of confidence, I literally spoon fed him if it's what he wanted...spoiled is so much more than material things!!!

Our son was spoiled yes with material things but more importantly than that with…

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I am grateful for everything, it's not an easy path that I've trodden, but it was the one I walked. We must be grateful for all that we have, because we will never appreciate what's to come x

You can call me spoiled. Your the best Matt and You always give me the best!! I'm a very lucky wifey!

I'm not spoiled, my husband just loves me! I am truly blessed to have such a loving husband!

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A unicorn doesn't stand around and worry about what other unicorns think of it. "IT JUST SPARKLES"


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A loyal woman is worth far more than rubies!! He who finds a loyal woman finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the Lord.

Haha probably why he spoils me so much, cause I'm LOYAL & treat him the way he should be treated ❤️