It’s a great way to get your protien and carbs without using a plate or getting your hands dirty. And cheap! This would ALWAYS hit the spot when I needed a quick lunch or (Cheap Easy Meal For Work)

How to How to Make SPAM Musubi

Spam musubi is a popular lunch and snack food that everyone loves. This is a SPAM musubi maker.

Spam Gets Its Due

Spam musubi is a Hawaiian Japanese mash-up of pan-fried Spam, hot rice and crisp seaweed--and it's much more delicious than it sounds. Mam likes spam

Teriyaki Spam Musubi

A defining quality of any good home cook is her ability to take simple, everyday ingredients, and elevate them to dishes that are exquisite in taste. Such as this Teriyaki Spam Musubi, where we transf (Filipino Chicken Curry)

Spam Musubi Onigiri

Spam musubi onigiri is a snack made by marrying two similar dishes from two distinct islands. Spam musubi: -Originated in Hawaii -A slice a teriyaki glazed spam placed on top of a nugget

Recipes Hawaiian- Spam Musubi - soft and sticky rice, salty teriyaki spam, a little soft and creamy omelet (non-traditional but oh so delicious), wrapped up with furikake and nori. So drool-worthy.

How to Spam Musubi

In Hawaii believe it or not all you have to do is stop in any and get one of these hot yummy things. The ONLY think I will eat that is Spam. In Florence, OR we have a place called Aloha Sushi and they make these huge and Onolicious. How to Spam Musubi