Oh poor replacement refs!

Replacement Google and the 10 Funniest NFL Ref Jokes, Tweets and Memes

This reminds me of this one joke from Jeff Dunham's Achmed and his joke about...uh...*cough*...yeah.

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An Accident...An Instant Away. We all know that's not heading away from her.

Funny pictures about This isn't it. Oh, and cool pics about This isn't it. Also, This isn't it photos.

Have I shared this already? :P No matter. It's funny the second time around.

Haha Alex, reminds me of us when we would push ppl down, then be like "what did…

He got that last one down.

The things you find on tumblr… (38 Photos)

i can't kick a ball to save my life, but i sure get kicks out of soccer humor, so close enough, right?

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It's a trap

Such a great acting job! We love soccer and soccer players. Soccer players make great ultimate frisbee players.

About sums up how this year of school is going for me.

About sums up how this year of school is going for me.